After seeing a very plain and cheap looking skinny scarf on a friend, I became inspired to design and make a line of boho chic scarves for women wanting a more glamorous bohemian look. Drawing on my years as a weaver and fiber artist, I created a palette of richly colored and textured ladies scarves you can shop for here.


James Dillehay weavingSaying goodbye to my nowhere job with the City of Denver, I moved to a remote meditation retreat center in New Mexico to seek truth and study weaving. Yes, the two things connected.

The combination of inward work on the self with learning the practical craft of weaving brought a balance to my life I could not have imagined. Weaving transformed my thought processes and perceptions – to seeing connections among things in life previously hidden.

Colors came alive. Wherever I looked, I saw color standing out from every object. I came to experience an energizing love for work arising from pure play. Play always puts one in the moment, the best place to be.

Along the way, a yearning was born to produce wearable art my customers would love as much as I loved making. Over the years, my work has been accepted into some of the top juried shows in the country, like Tempe Festival of the Arts, Rio Grande Arts and Crafts Fair, and the New Mexico Arts and Crafts Fair. My pieces are also found in fine shops around the country. You can also shop my line of boho chic skinny scarves for women here.

My experiences in making a living by hand inspired me to write a number of books that help creative types market themselves better. The books led to being featured guest on the Caroll Duvall Show on HGTV and being interviewed in The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Finance, The Chicago Tribune, Bottom Line Personal, Family Circle, Working Mothers, Country Almanac, and many more.

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